Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Yesterday, I received an unsolicited letter from a company that is engaged in 'brand development, brand management and communications'. It was promoting its latest bulletin. There was nothing unusual about this, I receive such letters regularly. However, this letter distinguished itself from the others. Whilst it was correctly addressed to Dr Harwood, the body of the letter commenced with the address Dear Dr Hardwood!! What can I make of this? After all this is a company that specialises in 'brand development, brand management and communications'. The name of the company? Well, that would be telling, but I certainly won't be recommending that company should I be asked.

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Whilst I have argued for several years that authenticity is diminished when meaning is discarded and the emphasis is upon making money, I found today a quote by Dean MacCannell that substantiates this: "Wherever serious spectacle is turned into entertainment with the primary purpose of reducing risk and making money it is no longer "real," or "authentic."" (MacCannell, D. 1999. The Tourist. University of California Press: page 197)