Friday, 5 May 2017


As I reflect on my years of experience, having had the fun and trials of a non-materialistic rich and rewarding career, which has included that of a global supply chain manager as well as having lectured to post-graduates on international trade theory, I observe with despair the insanity of leadership in USA and UK. Whatever is happening in USA, the ‘land of the free’, that is propagating a disease of division, my prime concern is UK. The vote in favour of Brexit was marginally in favour of exit from EU, which leaves a considerable number of people opposed, more-so in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Moreover, the vote was based upon rhetoric, misinformation and speculation – is that democracy?

Our current Prime Minister wants to unite the country, yet steadfastly ignores the requests of a Scottish Government and the many Europeans who support many UK businesses and institutions in terms of their skills and labour. She ignores the fact that both World Wars emerged from nationalism. She ignores the statistics from the World Trade Organisation revealing the dependency of the UK upon the EU for trade and far lesser so on the USA, which is instituting its own nationalist trade policies and thus makes trade with USA an issue. She ignores the views of Michael Heseltine and John Major, who are both well regarded Conservatives. This is an aside from the apparent public failure of our Prime Minister to defend GCHQ from the accusations of the President of the USA and sets aside the protocol for a State Visit of Donald Trump. 

Our Prime Minister clearly views herself as an expert in international trade etc., so with confidence takes us into a new era which, despite its unknowns (e.g. trade regulations, employment status, medical rights) proclaims a bright future. On what basis is this valid – WHERE is the evidence?

Is there anything positive about Brexit? Instead of uniting the UK, there is the potential of breakup, not only within the population due to increasing racism and distrust, but also of the move of Scotland to leave the UK. Further, division satisfies nationalistic and racist aspirations. Moreover, division creates barriers not only to trade, but the free movement of our young around the EU, to explore, understand and work. Travel and mixing with others from other cultures builds a tolerant society. We are all human beings with our own set of values. But, unless we mix, then the danger is that we view our values in such a way that dismisses the values of others. Mixing with others from other nationalities encourages communication, exchange and understanding, but more importantly, PEACE, not war

The reports from business, Government agencies and the EU, is that whilst the UK may get Sovereignty, it will be at a cost that preserves the continuity of austerity and the divide that now characterises the UK. And then what? The exchange rate, unemployment, disposable income and then - civil reaction  - on the streets?

The Conservative Party stated in their 2015 Manifesto:
With the Conservatives, Britain will be the best place in Europe to innovate, patent new ideas and set up and expand a business. We aim to be number one in Europe and in the top five worldwide in the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings by 2020 and to lead Europe in attracting foreign investment.
This raises the question of how one can trust a political party that does a 100% U-turn within two years.

I have no confidence in our Prime minister and her Government to act in the interests of the UK rather than interests that can be construed as preserving their ‘popular’ appeal… of what demographic profile?  This is counter to the wisdom of the eminent Sir Winston Churchill who stated that our elected voices have the responsibility of looking after the welfare of our nation first and before the views of the populous. To leave EU is the action of a child who spites itself to its detriment. Unless the pro-Brexit parties can provide sound evidence (not rhetoric) of the wisdom of leaving the EU then these parties (e.g. Conservatives, Labour) should be rejected in the oncoming General Election for the future well-being of the UK.

I conclude by stating that the acceptability of the argument for our Prime Minister’s intent for the UK to leave the EU, is to provide firm evidence of the strength of her negotiating stance and the benefits of a Brexit. I doubt that that this is possible and am convinced that our Prime Minister is not capable of delivering a positive Brexit. Do NOT vote Conservative.

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